Tripadvisor is the best travel website. This website is flooded with information of various hotels, restaurants, and attractions along with its details, ratings, and reviews. Over the years, TripAdvisor has highly influenced the mind and the decisions of travelers. To sustain in this tough competition, you need to analyze the data of your competitors or the trip destinations as well as ratings of the travelers.

However, Analysing this large set of data is next to impossible, hence all you need is a ProWebScraper. ProWebScraper is the data extractor which can extract and transform the data into a structured format like…


Indeed is the leading job portal with more than 150 million job-seeking visitors per month. Indeed contains huge data of various companies that are hiring, demand and average salaries per city. All this data will help create a huge database and lead generation for your startup.

But, If you are wondering, how will you extract such huge data from Indeed website?

Don’t worry……

Using ProWebScraper, you can extract data within few clicks. you won’t require knowledge of coding. You can extract job details like job type and its description, position, location, etc.

In this tutorial, we will build an Indeed…


Nowadays people are using internet services and from the last few years, people are diverted to e-commerce. E-commerce is a business model that allows a person to buy and sell things over the internet. When you don’t have time for shopping and you want to do shopping, the best thing is online platforms. E-commerce is the best business model for someone who wants to start a new business. But for that, there are some questions one has to face.

  • Which e-commerce business is best for newcomers?
  • What are the techniques? Which will attract more customers?
  • How to survive with your…

When you want to go outside and want good facilities for your better experience, you will check the other people’s experience and their reviews or ratings for particular places. For that, you can visit yelp which will provide you all this information. Yelp provides reviews of local businesses so that consumers will reach the best possible information before making a decision about where they want to spend their money.

Yelp contains information about individual locations, such as restaurants, schools, hotels, where yelp users can submit a review of their experience and services. Businesses can also update contact information or add…


Over the past decade, the e-commerce market has been continuously evolving in a way that has completely changed the purchasing behavior of the customer. Entering the e-commerce field has now become very easy but to survive in this unexpectedly grand competition is very difficult.

So, the question is:

  • How does the seller survive in this competition?
  • What are the skills required for the seller to predict the ever-changing behavior of the customer?
  • And the most important, how do you monitor your competitors?

For all these questions, the only answer is: Analyse the various data of products and their trends, as…


As it’s obvious, the Internet is getting overloaded with information and data. With the growth of data on the web, web scraping is also likely to become more and more important for businesses for mining the Internet for actionable insights.

There are many web scraping services, tools, libraries, and frameworks available for collecting data from the web. A growing number of people spend their valuable time exploring web scraping tools for JavaScript.

You might wonder why JavaScript? Why does JavaScript matter so much?

Well, JavaScript is the most popular and widely used programming language world over. Since it offers numerous…


What if you could magically turn on a switch and get hold of Craigslist product data?

Well, it would be wonderful but unfortunately there’s no magical switch for it.

Instead, what you can have is an amazingly customized Craigslist product scraper that can help you extract product related data such as title, price, image, condition etc, almost magically!

Since there’s no ready-made solution available of this kind, we have put together this tutorial for you regarding how to build a Craigslist product Scraper to scrape the different items mentioned above. We’ll build this web scraper using ProWebScraper.

The Craigslist product…


Do you fancy some eBay product data?

Why not?

Access to eBay product data like price, images, condition etc. can give you enormous leverage in your business.

But it would be difficult to get hold of this data from hundreds of pages in a manual fashion.

Copying and pasting it would take ages.

Needless to say, some of it may not even be accurately copied.

Does it mean you have to give up?


All you need is an automated web scraping solution.

A solution called eBay product scraper is what you need for scraping product data from eBay.


Do you badly need Amazon product data?

Well, who doesn’t?

Anybody and everybody who is into e-commerce business in some way wants, and need Amazon data. Scraping Amazon data is a widespread phenomenon today. You may think that only the small companies may need to scrape Amazon data. You will be astonished to know that even a great stalwart like Walmart has reportedly scrapped Amazon data to keep track of prices etc., and accordingly aligned their policies and strategies.

The question, however, is how to scrape Amazon data? There are various web scraping tools to get it done but what…

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Lockdowns and sudden Work From Home (WFH) are throwing up new challenges.

It may sound repetitive, but the fact is lots of organizations and lots of people are experiencing WFH for the first time ever.

Reporting channels, meetings, customer support, production, marketing … every process, function, and department is seeing major changes.

Project leads, managers, and department heads are trying to find ways to remotely manage their teams.

And one of the biggest challenges here is keeping your teams all pepped up.

Here are 4 ways of improving team performance as you all WFH. All four activities are simple, inexpensive…

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